Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Monday, February 28, 2011

Peaceful and Restful Day

In my younger years I thought of Sundays as the most boring day of the week, however, I've grown to appreciate and look forward to this one precious day of the week.  Yesterday was our Stake Conference, and though I was certainly tempted to stay in my nice, warm bed, I knew I needed to be spiritually fed.  I always leave the meetings feeling more hopeful after hearing the words of our leaders, especially when there seems to be unsettling news going on all around our country and world.  I feel uplifted and ready to endure all things, and to rejoice in the small and simple things.  I feel encouraged to strive harder in keeping the commandments and in doing those things which will keep our family from pulling apart in hard times.  I am thankful for the simple things like family dinners, family home evening, gospel discussions, and just having fun together.  Our home and the time we spend together is our refuge from the world; it is so sacred to me.  Sunday is the only day that remains uninterrupted and free of stress.  We came home and discussed the things we had learned over lunch.  After a restful nap, I pulled out past conference talks and reread more encouraging words as I listened to Jenny Phillips' music in the background.  I was rejuvenated to begin another week focusing on the things that matter most and not stressing over the things which do not.  I am thankful for the gentle reminders that help keep me grounded in the gospel and in life.

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