Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Those Lilacs!

Sniff...sniff...ahhhhhh! I LOVE the smell of lilacs! They are so pretty and fragrant in the spring air!

The smell of lilacs takes me right back to my elementary days in Ephraim, Utah when we would walk to the Snow College gymnasium each afternoon to practice for our annual "May Day Dance Festival". All the girls would pick a sprig or two to tuck behind our ears. It would make us extra special and beautiful as we danced and sang merrily around the May Pole. It helped us forget about the nerdy boys we had to dance with or hold hands with. What fun times they were!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way to Go, Whitney Jo!

Whitney is just finishing up finals this week after her first year away at Dixie State College! This is a poem Whitney had to memorize in 3rd Grade and probably still remembers it. It's quite fitting for her celebration of completing finals!


Stick to the task till it sticks to you;
Beginners are many, but enders are few.
Honor, power, place, and praise
Will come, in time, to the one who stays.

Stick to the task till it sticks to you;
Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too;
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
Will come life's victories, after awhile.

We are so proud of her "sticking to the task" in spite of new challenges, new job, homesickness, roommate differences, limited budget, changing schedules, classes, professors, institute, boyfriend separation, and learning to be more independant! She has managed to maintain her full time status, pulling A's and B's, and keeping her chin up! (Sorry to brag dear, but we are so pleased with you!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Next Phases of Kitchen Remodel

What a project this kitchen remodel has been! We've all been enlisted in helping with this one over Spring Break! It's a good thing the girls are eager to learn and try new things. Taylor and Abby quite like using power tools, and I'm reminded again there are some things men can do better than women such as plumbing, wiring and moving appliances. I'd much rather clean up messes as we go, paint, organize, and document the process.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday

Our three beautiful daughters modeling their new Easter dresses before church. They're growing up way too fast!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

I am so glad to have a husband with handy-man skills! Here's a few photos of the project so far. Island out. Some cupboards out above washer and dryer.
Good-bye cottage cheese ceiling with gold and silver sparkles!!
Top layer-carpet and padding. Particle board in places to "even" the transition. Under that was two layers of linoleum. Then red wood planks coated with a thick tar-like adhesive, 1978 Las Vegas Review Journals, pink paper and finally, down to the original plank boards as the sub-floor.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amazing Race through Caliente

On April 1st classes were able to ride their bikes to the Caliente Depot to greet the host of the Amazing Race--Phil Keoghan. He is riding across America to raise awareness and funding for Multiple Sclerosis. On day five, he came through our town! Sheriff Lee was out to meet and greet, protect and serve.
We all rode with him back to the school where he visited briefly and presented our principal with a t-shirt. (See Abby on the lower left hand corner in red sweatshirt). Evan and I are mixed in the crowd. Phil rides approximately 100 miles each day. Check his journey out at Be sure to look on The Daily Blog, day 4 and 5.