Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Turkey Turns 15 Today

It was Thanksgiving Day fifteen years ago when I woke up early in the morning with what I thought were contractions.  (It had been over 5 years since having a baby, and nothing had happened naturally then).  I didn't want to wake anyone up, so I showered and tried to go back to sleep.  Still uncomfortable and feeling them nearly 5 minutes apart, I finally called the hospital around 9 am.  The nurse said to get in right away.  Taylor was born around 11:45 am before any of the football games or Thanksgiving dinners were ready.  It was perfect timing and so typical of her little personality.  She still likes to get up early, and time management is of utmost importance to her.  We felt very blessed after such a long span to have a perfectly round little baby in our arms once again.  She reminded me of a butterball turkey when the nurse handed her to me all wrapped up tight.  That evening as everyone had gone back to their houses to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinners, I was left alone to cuddle my new baby.  I had a window in my room looking across to the St. George Temple.  As I looked across and saw it all lit up, I wept with such gratitude and happiness to be so blessed.  Happy Birthday, Taylor aka "Chicka". . . our lives are still so blessed with you in them!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Total Gleeks

Evan and I have become total GLEEKS!  He was hooked last season, but I didn't feel I had time to watch something every week.  Whitney would come home and play the reruns and music from each episode and I enjoyed it.  It almost makes me wish I could go back to high school and perform again.  Sue Sylvester says things that I wish I could say and get away with!  Dinner and homework now revolve around Glee on Tuesday nights!  I guess you could say we're definitely GLEEKS!

Though I have never claimed to have any musical talent, I do enjoy singing for fun.  The first singing group I was a part of was during Jr. High.  Mr. Coleman, our beloved band teacher wanted to start up a mixed choir.  Since there weren't any interested boys, he made a group called Girls Glee.  We sang all the sappy songs girls would cry over like Carpenters, Grease tunes, and Barry Manilow hits.  We had great fun!  Then I tried Chamber Choir in high school which was a lot of fun, but very serious.  At Dixie College, I was in Program Bureau which was completely fun and a welcomed break from the academics.  It was under the direction of Roene DiFiore.  Anyone could join (talent or not) and we never looked at a sheet of music.  Occasionally she'd write words in chalk on the blackboard, but we mostly just sang and caught on to the songs easily since they were catchy and upbeat tunes from long ago.  We performed for college functions, community banquets, care centers, grand openings, weddings, holidays, you name it. . . Program Bureau was there with bells on to entertain.  Many a match was made in Program Bureau!  We all LOVED Mrs. D.  To me, she was one of many people who made my Dixie experience amazing and memorable.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Veterans

I've been telling my students about Veterans this week in preparation for an essay contest and an assembly.  I remember in my youth seeing Veterans Day Assemblies each year, but not really understanding and certainly not appreciating what they represent.  Evan and I were privileged to chaperone 6th graders twice in the last few years to Arlington Cemetery for decorating headstones of Veterans.  We went in December 2007 with Taylor's class and again in 2009 with Abby's.  I would love to go again to spend more time seeing historic sites.  It was a humbling, sacred, and honorable experience for me.
Taylor looking at thousands of names on Vietnam Wall.

Washington Monument in background.

Taylor in the Korean War Memorial gardens.
Arlington Cemetery-Wreaths Across America

Abby at the Vietnam Wall. (above)
Placing another wreath at Arlington. (below)
My paternal grandfather served in the Army as well as my father and several uncles.  My brother and nephew served in the Marines.  They were some of the fortunate ones who were able to come home to tell of their experiences.  I wish I had pics to post of all of them, but at the time, I only have one representing the Rosie Riveters of the day.
 When I truly think about the sacrifices made by our forefathers and their families for our country's causes, I feel deep gratitude and love for them whether I knew them or not.  I was thinking of my immediate family who have served.  My maternal grandfather served in the Navy while my grandmother became a "Rosie Riveter" helping the cause at home. I am thankful for all Veterans past and present.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girls Weekend

After talking about it for five years or more, Sue, Dana, Mom and I set a date for a mother-daughter weekend.  We spent the weekend at a spa/resort in Scottsdale, AZ.  It was our first annual Girls Weekend!  It was a wonderful get-a-way for all of us!  Sue flew in from California, Dana from SLC, and Mom and I from Las Vegas.
Day one:  Work-out, breakfast, shopping, lunch, movie, more shopping, and dinner.
Day two:  Spa treatments, pool, sun, lunch, more pool, sun, reading, naps, elegant dining, and another movie.
Day three:  Bicycle rides around the resort, along the rivers and golf course. 
Our four-course meal was delicious.  It was sweet to have a peaceful and quiet dining experience without being in a hurry or wondering when the waiter or food would arrive.  My sisters and mother behaved appropriately as well, so that was a unique dining experience!  (he he....had to through that in)
Thanks to my world traveling sisters, Dana & Sue, I have now discovered two more fun stores for retail therapy.  Sue introduced us to Charming Charlie, a colorful shop for every kind of accessory a girl could ever imagine--in every color and size--at very reasonable prices!  Dana introduced us to LUSH, a delectable shop of all natural bath and body products which are amazing.  Walking in, you'd think you were in a sweets shop.  All the products we tried were incredibly moisturizingvarious (No wonder they have a store in the hot desert of Arizona!) Many of their products are sold by the pound like a fudge shop!   We also shopped at H & M which is about the only store I know where I can still find clothing that my picky girls will like without seeing first!  I bought more for them than anyone else!  Such a mom thing to do! 

Ahhhhh!  89 degree weather in October is like a boost of endorphins straight to my brain!  Loved it!  We visited, laughed, and totally relaxed together.  Is it good for man to be alone?  No, but a little break now and again makes for a strong and lasting marriage!  Same time next year girls, no matter what!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Surprises for Bro and Sis Schimbeck

Shock! Surprise! Evan has been released as Scoutmaster after much murmuring and whining! We have been called to serve together as the Ward Nursery Leaders! The last and only time we've served together was 19 years ago while living in Cedar City. We taught a Primary class and loved it. The last time I was in Nursery was when Taylor was a toddler (14 yrs ago). This will be a big change for us, but a fun one. We are both excited to play blocks, cook, read, and many more imaginative games. We want to create a friendly environment where toddlers love to hang out and learn about simple gospel truths while their parents are teaching. Evan is excited about wrestling with the boys and snacktime. I am excited to read to little ones who still want to sit on my lap and hear stories. (I'll have to remind Evan about what's appropriate for church and the age level!)