Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today is our 21st Wedding Anniversary!

Today marks our 21st wedding anniversary! To set the mood, click on our playlist-"Always" by Atlantic Star and it'll take you right back to 1987 when we called this "our song". 21 years may not seem like long to some folks, but when you're married to a Schimbeck, well. . .it's kinda like dog years. All kidding aside, I married a great guy who takes care of me and our three girls better than I ever imagined or hoped for. He keeps me grounded, crazy, and grinning. My favorite word to describe him is one his Grandma Ruthie used one day when we were visiting. What she said was, "Evan you are EXASPERATING!" He truly can be, but I love all of him. . .the good, bad, and the ugly! (And he tolerates me!) God really does give us what we need.

The Announcement Picture (Evan's bros still tease him about the pastels)

Married in St. George Temple--August 28, 1987Our favorite tree that we'd sit by when dating and discuss serious topics such as courtship, marriage and "Dear John" letters. It was cut down when they built the new visitors' center. It was such a hot day to be outside taking photographs. We had our luncheon and reception at the Old Cotton Mill (now Star Nursery).

This one is hilarious! Going from L to R: Gage, Kirby, Roy Allen (best man), and Aaron. Stacey was in Brazil on his mission. This was taken back in the day when the boys were "too good lookin' to get fat!"
The bridesmaids and flower girl. Incase you don't recognize them they are from L to R: Dana, Mindy, Sue, and Jana (niece). Center is Evan, the handsome man in white.

Here's another one I adore. I'm looking sweet and innocent (which I was) as he is whispering naughty things in my ear while I'm trying to look pretty for the photographer. Any guesses what he was saying?!?

In front of our lovely back drop of white lattice, with peach silk accents and mint green. I had fresh flowers, white gardenias, peach roses, and lots of baby breath. The flowers smelled so good. Soooo 80's!!

This picture says a lot about us. Evan always the ham and me trying to get control of him, but not having much success. Some things never change! Good times. After getting Whit set for college this past weekend, we'll be lucky to go out for a burger and fries and not have the check bounce, but it's all good.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The College Freshman

Here's Whitney looking smart in her new glasse. She's ready to start her first day of classes at Dixie!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teacher's Pet

When Abby speaks, people listen!! We are only three days into school and this evening while helping Abby with some homework, she informed me with a very loud voice (Yes, she can be LOUD!) that she doesn't want to be "Teacher's Pet." I asked her, "What makes you think that you are?" She insisted that she was and that she did not want to be. It's hard playing different roles. . .I haven't danced for the class yet or worn my colorful moo-moo! Tomorrow I will have to try not to notice her cute face and curls so much. It will strictly be, Abby the student and Mrs. Schimbeck, the teacher!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Here's Abby and Taylor on their first day of school. Abby is in 5th grade with me as her teacher (Lucky!) and Taylor is in Middle School. All went well except Chicka almost went into the boys' bathroom. We reviewed reading skills this evening.