Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday, Whitney

It's hard to believe that my oldest is now twenty! We fit in dinner and a movie between all the other activities of the summer to celebrate her day. She has always been a lot of fun for any occasion and brings lots of love and laughter wherever she goes! Hope you know how much we love you, Whitters!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beaver Tournament

Inspite of losing in the tournament and not moving on to compete in Florida, we had a great time watching and cheering for Abby and her team. Here's Coaches Missy and Tailor at the banquet doing YMCA.
Hot, sweaty, tired and defeated. . . annoyed that I took this picture.
Coaches Missy, Cody, & Dad telling the girls they played well and put their heart into the games.
One of many pep talks throughout the weekend.
Cutest sign ever at the banquet and presentation. Each team presented a cheer and participated in various competitions from dancing to marshmallow stuffing. Lots of fun together!
The patches of orange-brown dirt is lovely on Abby's face!
Trying to remember the steps to the Macarena dance.
You have to be focused and serious to play softball!
Safe! Whew!
Funny sign. Could have said: Watch for foul mouths..Listen at your own risk!
Cooling off with a chicken fight at the pool afterwards.
Ready in the outfield!
Keeping her eye on the ball. Strike!
Getting ready for games.
One queen sized bed and bunk beds in our cabin at the Beaver KOA.
Our cute little cabin in Beaver. The girls were not as thrilled as last week's hotel in Kanab, but we enjoyed it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grand Canyon

As you can see, everyone was pretty worn out from being in the hot sun for three days watching, coaching, or playing in the softball tournament. This photo is at Parry Lodge where we stayed. (Awesome place, by the way! Newly remodeled, clean, quiet and close to everything.)

Everyone crashed in the afternoon for naps with the air on high setting. Our plan was to see the Grand Canyon while we were out that way in Kanab.
Here's a sampling of the family conversation once they woke up:
Girls: Let's not go to the Grand Canyon. We're tired and we just want to go home.
Evan: We can spend the extra day cleaning up and putting gear away.
Me: The Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world; we have to go see it! I've only flown over it with my dad.
Taylor: Good, then you've seen it. Let's just go home.
Whitney: We might as well go since we've already planned it.
Evan & Tay: It's just a big hole in the ground.
Abby: I need chocolate.
Evan: Jo, we're all tired. We'll do it another time.
Me: No, we always say that and it doesn't happen. We're going!
Evan: No one wants to go but you.
Me: Whitney wants to go and you'll all like it once you see it.
Taylor: Mom, we don't care. I just want to go home.
Abby: Are we going to go or not? I need some chocolate and Fiji water.
Whitney: Would you guys just make up your mind and let's go?
Me: We're going. Quit being curmudgeons and get ready to go!
Taylor: Grumble...grumble...grumble.
Evan: Grumble...grumble...grumble.
Abby: Can we stop and get some water and chocolate?
Me: We'll get up early, go see it and leave by afternoon. I know you're going to like it once we're there!
Evan: I know how you get up early.
Me: I'll get up early, I promise. Let's just do it!

The rest of the pictures tells the story. Everyone enjoyed it, we hiked, we explored the cabins, we met Whit's friend JD, we shopped the gift shops, Abby got chocolate, and Chicka wanted to stay and hike longer! Go figure! :)

So happy to have some food!
The Grand Canyon Lodge overlooking the canyon!
Taylor and I hugging a tree. Taylor being a sissy about some tree ants.

Spectacular views!
Brighty the Donkey and Evan the . . . well, let's just say that they have much in common!
Beautiful meadows and trees on the way to Grand Canyon. I wanted to get out and run and sing like in Sound of Music, but Evan wouldn't stop.
Evan and our beautiful girls! (Taylor, Abby, Whitney)
I'm happy taking the pictures rather than climbing over steep ledges that drop off.
Butt. . . we didn't want to go and now we're so happy we did!
Abby, Taylor, Me, Whitney. I love these girls!

Awesome view!

We made it! We actually experienced the Grand of the 7 Wonders of the World (and we liked it!)

Kanab Softball Tournament

Easton, Abby, and Chesnee . . . ALLSTARS!!
The Allstars win again! We're going to Beaver next weekend to do it again!
Abby warming up her hips before the games. She has her own unique style!
The sign says it all! Enjoying a celebration swim after a day of playing ball in the hot sun.
Part of the Lincoln County Allstars Fan club! This is what we do: cheer, eat, sweat!
Abby looks so cute with French braids. Look at the proud Daddy smile behind her!
Coach Tailor "pinky promising" Abby. (Special bond between Preemies)
Hitting one of her double or triple plays for the day! Lookin' good too!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lake Powell -- Houseboat Style

The Wiscombes decided to vacation at Lake Powell this year instead of Mexico. Most of us were able to get together except Evan & Abby (due to softball) and Todd's family. We had a great time; I loved the houseboat! Go inside when it's windy, turn on the A/C when it's too hot, and flush the toilet! Woo-hoo! Nice luxuries when one has only tented on the beach before! I know Dad was smiling (and laughing) down from Heaven as he observed us enjoying so many of the traditions that he and mom began so long ago. Thanks, Mom & Dad for making our childhood so grand and full of adventure! Parker, Whit, Braden, Hannah, Chicka
Regan, Jaid, Chandler

Chan, Braden, Sue, Jaid, Parker, Regan cooling off!

We enjoyed Braden singing and playing his guitar each day. He's awaiting the release of his first CD -- Lullabies for One AND a mission call!

Taylor, Whitney and I looking practically like triplets--we're so cute!

Chan never tired of all the water activities, especially the slide!

Dana preparing some strawberries with dip for everyone!

Dana and Lenny setting up camp.

Taylor and I enjoying delicious s'mores by the fire!

Everywhere you look, it's a beautiful sight to see!

Chan and Braden jet skiing all over the area waiting for us to decide on a spot.

Taylor and Hannah getting sunburned while scouting out the perfect area for us.

Mom and Doug enjoying their fresh catch of the day...Trout and eggs for breakfast!