Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lake Powell -- Houseboat Style

The Wiscombes decided to vacation at Lake Powell this year instead of Mexico. Most of us were able to get together except Evan & Abby (due to softball) and Todd's family. We had a great time; I loved the houseboat! Go inside when it's windy, turn on the A/C when it's too hot, and flush the toilet! Woo-hoo! Nice luxuries when one has only tented on the beach before! I know Dad was smiling (and laughing) down from Heaven as he observed us enjoying so many of the traditions that he and mom began so long ago. Thanks, Mom & Dad for making our childhood so grand and full of adventure! Parker, Whit, Braden, Hannah, Chicka
Regan, Jaid, Chandler

Chan, Braden, Sue, Jaid, Parker, Regan cooling off!

We enjoyed Braden singing and playing his guitar each day. He's awaiting the release of his first CD -- Lullabies for One AND a mission call!

Taylor, Whitney and I looking practically like triplets--we're so cute!

Chan never tired of all the water activities, especially the slide!

Dana preparing some strawberries with dip for everyone!

Dana and Lenny setting up camp.

Taylor and I enjoying delicious s'mores by the fire!

Everywhere you look, it's a beautiful sight to see!

Chan and Braden jet skiing all over the area waiting for us to decide on a spot.

Taylor and Hannah getting sunburned while scouting out the perfect area for us.

Mom and Doug enjoying their fresh catch of the day...Trout and eggs for breakfast!


Shoecrazy said...

wasn't it the best?!!! Thanks so much for not showing me going off the slide! I will pay you later! I need to get with the proram and post my pictures!

Schimbeck's said...

Such cute pictures! It looks like you guys had a really nice time. Nothing beats staying on a houseboat at Lake Powell.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jo, I'd bet your Dad was looking down on us too, but I imagine he's busy and happy where he's at & in his present time frame will be seeing us all again real soon. Water, sun & Lake Powell have always been the best recipe for family (plus cousins, friends,& neighbors) fun. We felt bad we couldn't enjoy the last afternoon & night with everyone, but still had a great time. Mom