Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake Powell Trip with Youth

Take 3 boats, 4 jet skis, 1 kayak, 20 YM/YW, and 8 leaders to Lake Powell and you've got the makings for an incredible experience to my favorite vacation spot. It was neat to see the reactions of those who had never been before. Here's Joe and Bro Hooge having wakeboard wars! So entertaining! Bro Katschke's boat is really loaded up here. All boats and jetskis were constantly going with wakeboarders, flotation rides, or just cruising around the canyons. Bishop Holt's boat was busy fishing while the kayak kept those waiting for a boat ride busy at camp.
Kimberlie, Taylor, Jillyn, Kourtney, & Holleah posing before jumping off the cliff.
The famous King Sandhill! If you can run all the way to the top in the hot sand, then you're amazing. Running down it as fast as you can without tumbling is another entertaining site to see. The YM are always up for a little competition! Brandon, Will, Isaac, Chandler, & Jacob ready to jump off the cliff.Joe, Kimberlie, Hyrum & Isaac enjoying the sun, water, and fun!
Bro Katschke, Vince, Bishop Holt, and Jacob preparing another fine meal for us! Playing SCUM and UNO against Bro Hooge is always a challenge. He likes to win!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Abby Turns Twelve!

Our 1 lb 14 oz preemie is now a beautiful 12 year old young lady with multiple skills. From sports, pet training & discipline, household cleaning, lawn mowing, and laundry, to brownie baking, just to name a few! She is gearing up for the Regional Girls Major League Allstars Tourney in 3 weeks. Every evening, she runs her little heart out to the bases, hustles out to catch the ball, and swings the bat as if it's light as a feather.
These pics scanned in from her scrapbook show the special bond that Abby and Evan had from the start. They still have a special relationship that sometimes only the two of them can fully understand. I came down with a wicked case of the flu two nights ago. It gave me a haunting reminder of when she abruptly and unexpectedly entered our world twelve years ago at just 26 weeks. Wow! How grateful I am each and every day for a loving Father in Heaven who allowed us to be parents of such a special spirit who would teach us so much about faith, prayers, and eternal blessings! Thank you Abby for choosing us as your parents! WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Last week was spent on beautiful Kolob Mountain for Girls Camp. This was Abby's first year and Taylor's third. Evan came as our camp chef; we ate very well for every meal!
Abby LOVED playing on the tire swings every free moment she had!
Taylor having a little "thinking time" on the Iron Rod course.
Abby not about to let go for anyone or for any reason!
Archery skills with Bishop Holt.
More swinging time with good friends!Relaxing music, pedicures and facials after hikes.
Evan feeling creative here making props for skits!
Shooting range is always a hit. Evan loves to teach GIRLS about guns!

Chicka in her bunny ears looking pretty adorable. She was such a trooper; feeling hot and dizzy, puked, and still did an awesome performance as the Hare in our skit!
Letters from home after completion of the Iron Rod course. Such a welcomed surprise for all. Tears of relief, joy, gratitude, and love!
Arts and Crafts are always fun together; lots of visiting and laughter.
All together in our matching t-shirts for a photo under our banner - COMMITMENT!
It was such a great time for everyone...survival skills, friendship, testimony building, and tons of fun jam-packed into four days on beautiful Kolob Mtn.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bella's First Swim

Yesterday we took Bella up to a little swimming paradise for her first swim lesson. It was just as entertaining watching Taylor as it was Bella. Taylor hadn't planned on getting in, but Bella needed LOTS of encouragement. It took quite a bit of coaxing and even a little pushing to get Bella into the water. Even though we assured her that labs are supposed to LOVE swimming and they do it very well, she's not a fan of the water yet.
As soon as Bella was in, she was turning for shore as fast as her large paws could paddle. It was a funny site! All wet dogs and children loaded in the back of the truck. Bella happy to be leaving!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Abby's Team Takes Tournament

Yesterday was spent at the ball fields watching Abby and her team win the softball tournament. They have been undefeated all season and maintained that status in this event. She surely got her athletic ability from Evan. She stretches and practices every day as well as does P90X most days. Evan helped coach again while I cheered loudly on the bleachers (cause that's what I can do!)

We Are The Champions!
L-R: Coach Evan, Abby, Josie, Sarah, Chesnee, Alisha, Easton, Coach Missy
Aya, Hailey, Harper, Drew

Happy for the Final Win!
Abby, Chesnee, Easton Hot, sweaty, stinky hug from Coach Dad!
Close up in the huddle!
Leading off second base after her second double! Evan giving away the winning softballs!
Ready at short stop!
"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from swinging!" --Babe Ruth
I thought she would come home and crash, but she was hyper and practically delirious until about midnight. We know the heat got to her because she asked me to give her a pedicure at 10:30 pm! Shocked and amazed, I gladly got out of bed to do this for her! She even let me paint her nails and toenails pink with flowers. (Something Abby wouldn't normally allow!) This morning she was sound asleep on the floor and not so eager to get up and ready for church.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

June 3rd is a great day! It is my birthday, and school has been out for me each year except during college finals. No one else shared this birthday with me until I married into the Schimbeck family. Great Grandma Ruthie, Aunt Siggi, and Sister-in-law Michelle also share this date. Later came my neice, Regan aka as "Gippy", who was born on my birthday. This post is in honor of all of us girls who share the same birthday! These pictures were taken June 2006 for the celebration of Gma Ruth's 85th Birthday.
German Cousins here for Great Grandma Ruthie's 85th Birthday
Alex, Gma Ruthie, Jonas
Siggi dressing up for traditional German Fasching
(Evan and I were trying to take our family to Germany this year to celebrate Siggi's 70th with her, but it didn't work out! We are disappointed, but looking forward to celebrating with her next year for Gma Ruthie's 90th!)
Michelle, Siggi, Me at Gma Ruth's 85th B-Day
Regan my neice next to Jaid. (May 2010)

Aunt Siggie LOVES the Schimbeck boys!

L-R: Aaron, Stacey, Siggie, Gage & Evan