Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby & Happy Father's Day Evan

These two events have only occurred on the same day twice since Abby's birth. Eleven years ago it wasn't such a good Father's Day for Evan when Abby decided to enter this world much too early. Evan wondered if he'd be a single dad left to raise his little girls alone. Thank goodness our story has had a happy and blessed ending. Looking at her today, one would never guess Abby was a 26 week preemie. Evan has more grey hair from raising three girls (he claims), and they still share a very special Daddy-Daughter bond between them. Both are stubborn about sharing their affections, emotions, and feelings, so we sneak in hugs and kisses whenever we get the chance. ABBY and EVAN, We love you very much! You have blessed our lives in so many ways! Abby enjoying Hot Fudge Cake for her 11th birthday dessert. She LOVES chocolate in any way, shape, or form. She makes brownies nearly every Sunday evening.

Guns Are For Girls, Too--Silly Boys

The girls wanted to go shooting at the gun range with the "Range Master" (Evan) during Father's Day Weekend. Very important to wear protection so we don't lose our hearing like Dad! Cousin Chandler shows up on our doorstep like a little orphan from time to time, so he was thrilled to go along and shoot guns with Uncle Evan. He brought home cups and pocketfuls of bullets in a variety of sizes and shapes. We told him he could take as many home as he wanted to along with his pollywog and crawdad from the creek. (Lucky for the little crawdad...he was too small for Chan to boil up and eat!)

Whitney brought her roommate, Noelle, to visit. Not bad shooting skills for a couple of college girls!

Chicka was disappointed that there wasn't a shooting range this year at Girls Camp, so Evan made up for that by letting her shoot his AR15, 22s, 223 preparing for deer hunting in October since she drew her first tag. Woo Hoo!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Girls Camp on Kolob Mountain

Taylor and I had a great time at Girls Camp! The theme was: Anchor Your Soul in Christ. We had so much fun as a camp committee putting our ideas and plans together over the past few months. It was a lot cooler this year with light rainshowers nearly every day. I was in the Stake Camp while Taylor was in our ward camp, but we saw each other daily. Some of the activities were: canoeing at the reservoir, performing silly skits, watching a movie, hiking, pranks, secret sister messages, special firesides each night with music, great food, and lots of testimony building experiences and events. We can't wait to initiate Abby to Girls Camp next summer! I'll have to post pictures later as we only took disposable cameras.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Summer

10. Time to catch up on unfinished projects (or not).
9. Family Reunions and get-to-gethers with family and friends. (Camping, Lake Powell, BBQs, Birthdays, etc.)
8. Girls' Camp on beautiful Kolob Mountain. (2009 Theme: Anchor Your Soul in Christ)
7. Abby, Whitney, and I all celebrate summer birthdays. (Woo-hoo!)
6. Plenty of sunny days with occasional summer rainshowers. (Never enough rain in NV)
5. Variety of fruits and vegetables in season. (strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherries, apricots, cilantro, Mmm. .Mmm!)
4. Barbeques, roasting marshmallows, and star-gazing. (Do ya hear those crickets?)
3. Laid back schedules with longer day-light hours. (Sleep in, up late...whatever)
2. School's out for 12 weeks. (Sure gonna miss those kids.)
1. More quality time to spend together with family! (Swimming, picnics, coloring, sewing, reading, watching great flicks, dad's salsa, organizing, painting, shopping, eating, bike rides, walks, longer visits, playing games or long as we're together!!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caliente or Mayberry?

When we moved to Caliente eight years ago, Evan began working as a deputy sheriff. In many ways Caliente is similar to Mayberry in the old tv show--The Andy Griffith Show. Who wouldn't want to live in Mayberry? He's been an active Barney Fife ever since (and is allowed to carry more than one bullet!) He began serving on the City Planning Committee the past year and enjoyed it. Then he came up with the crazy idea to run for City Council. Well.....elections were Tuesday, and he won with the highest number of votes! He says it's a trial run to see if he'll want to run for Mayor or Sheriff someday. I just wish I had some of Aunt Bee's homemade pie to celebrate with!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, it's true. . .I had another birthday. The family said since I post everyone else's b-days, I should post mine; however, they said "NO" about posting me in my new 40-something birthday suit. Anyway, I had a great day. The girls and I joined friends at Kershaw-Ryan for a picnic and swim. Abby had a softball game in Pioche and Evan gave me money to buy my own cheeseburger and soda at the concession stands while he coached! Wow! Since he outdid himself on Mother's Day less than a month ago, I told him I'd take care of my birthday. He just doesn't get the whole "spa" thing.

I have always loved having a birthday in June because I'm out of school and can do whatever I want to. On Monday I'll be joining girlfriends at the spa for some pampering and relaxing. That will be a treat! Thanks Evan for being so understanding!!