Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

June 3rd is a great day! It is my birthday, and school has been out for me each year except during college finals. No one else shared this birthday with me until I married into the Schimbeck family. Great Grandma Ruthie, Aunt Siggi, and Sister-in-law Michelle also share this date. Later came my neice, Regan aka as "Gippy", who was born on my birthday. This post is in honor of all of us girls who share the same birthday! These pictures were taken June 2006 for the celebration of Gma Ruth's 85th Birthday.
German Cousins here for Great Grandma Ruthie's 85th Birthday
Alex, Gma Ruthie, Jonas
Siggi dressing up for traditional German Fasching
(Evan and I were trying to take our family to Germany this year to celebrate Siggi's 70th with her, but it didn't work out! We are disappointed, but looking forward to celebrating with her next year for Gma Ruthie's 90th!)
Michelle, Siggi, Me at Gma Ruth's 85th B-Day
Regan my neice next to Jaid. (May 2010)

Aunt Siggie LOVES the Schimbeck boys!

L-R: Aaron, Stacey, Siggie, Gage & Evan


Judy said...

How Fun!!! Happy Birthday - hope you get spoiled rotten!!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday...I love you ALL!!!

Schimbeck's said...

Cute pictures Jo! I'm so glad I got to share my birthday with you yesterday. You spoiled me and now I owe you one!

Shoecrazy said...

Whats with Siggie and her LOVE of the Schimbeck boys? It must be a German thing! Maybe a weird fascination of an oddity? Cute pictures! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!

Jo-Mamma said...

Must be a German thing cause she's absolutely crazy about them! She hugs on them and always wants pics with them. Perhaps when you only see them once every 3-5 years, you really appreciate them! HA HA