Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Friday, July 1, 2011

PARADISE aka Lake Powell

Ahhh!  Beautiful scenery, cool water, plenty of sun and fun for everyone!  What's not to love about this amazing vacation spot?!  It's been tradition in my family since before I was even thought of.  Dad & Mom used to tell us about their first trip to the lake when it was still filling up.  They'd drive 20 or more miles down the canyon just to reach water!  If you ask me, Lake Powell is right up there with the other 8 wonders of the world!!  I'm so glad that the Schimbeck Family loves Lake Powell too; it has become one of their favorites as well with the exception of Gpa Deon.  With a few teenage grandchildren talking to him, he's usually a good sport about coming and we've learned to ignore his whining!

In keeping with tradition, we usually bring along a few extra kids--friends, cousins, or roommates. I can never get good action shots, but this is Hannah wake boarding.
It is also tradition to take a cruise to the marina for an ice cream and look at all the houseboats that cost more than our own house.  Here we have Evan, Aaron and Kirby no doubt solving all the world's problems together!  he he
German cousins!!  Mark, Tonja and Tom posing at the marina.

It's rough; but somebody's got to do it!  There are enough water toys for everyone to lounge on to get a real good tan.  If you're not careful...a real good sunburn!
Sydney, Evan, Whitney, Abby, Tay, Hannah, Stephanie
Parker LOVES his older women!!
Jonas posing on back of boat.  He loves visiting America every few years!
Catching some rays on the bow are Parker, Whitney, Stephanie, Taylor, Hannah & Abby.
Such bathing beauties!!  Parker keeps us all entertained!
It was too hot to sleep in the tents so we all brought our air mattresses out in the sand.  We all snored harmoniously together until the bright morning sun woke us up along with the squawking crows!
Well, atleast MOST of us slept comfortably.  For whatever reason, Parker slept in this very small food tent between three coolers and two bins of food.  How he did this remains a mystery.  Not a morning person either!!

Parker and his harem of women visiting after ice cream at marina.

Linda and Siggi posing at the Sand Hill.  They may be in their 60s and 70s, but they climbed the massive sand hill like champs!!  Everyone LOVES Aunt Siggi! 

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Shoecrazy Sue said...

What an awesome Aunt to take my kids along! I want you to think of Park as the son you never had! Haha! Take him anytime, really, ANYTIME! so jealous I wasn't there!