Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Monday, July 4, 2011

Small Town Celebrations

Long before we moved to Lincoln County, Evan & I came out to visit the Wiscombes.  Evan loved the small town celebrations and was usually playing on a softball team.  Now we have been here 10 years and enjoy family coming out to celebrate with us. 
Poor Uncle Wayne hadn't been feeling well since Grandma's 90th celebration.  Little did we know here, he had come down with pneumonia and was admitted into the hospital the next day.  Removed a large mass of infection and lung tissue.  No wonder he didn't want to visit with anyone!
Evan showing the German boys and Josh some of his exciting adventures while patroling the land of Lincoln!
It's not a Schimbeck gathering without a couple games of Nertz!  Very competitive bunch of girls, especially Grandma Linda!  I do better at taking pictures!
Aunt Mindy and Body gathering coins at the traditional fireman's game.  It's a sure way to cool off in a hurry!
Chicka and Jacey tumbling after losing balance and rhythm in the wheelbarrow race!
Chicka w/Jacey. . . . Marc w/Jonas at the ready mark!
Waiting for the parade!  Siggi LOVES photographs and LOVES all the crazy Schimbeck boys!
Jacey, Abby, Sydney and Chicka looking pretty cute in their red, white & blue!
Gpa Deon giving hugs and advice (I'm sure) to Whitney and Allie while Gma Linda grins at all her family!
Waiting for parade to start!  Girls have their sodas, boys have their sacks for gathering candy!
Whitney organized a "dance off" competition with all the family!  Wish I had the energy of these boys!

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