Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Softball season is here again! Abby and Evan are practicing at the fields nearly every day except game days. There are very serious moments and then hysterically funny moments. Abby made an awesome hit which took her sliding into second. Then she went on to steal third base and tripped on her own feet as she was overrunning it. She was going down head first and broke into laughter as she landed. The coach had to remind her to hurry and get back on base. She was still laughing long after she came home in the dugout. It is so embarrassing when her mother's genes interrupt a good play! We enjoy watching her play and seeing Evan coach a bunch of middle-school girls full of emotions, opinions, and attitude!


Shoecrazy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! I can hear Abby and Evan in them! What quality are you talking about tripping or hysterical laughing? Either could be from you!! Hilarious Pictures!!

Anonymous said...

How funny---glad you snapped that picture at the right moment! Don't think I've ever seen Abby laugh that hard. Love, Mom