Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Monday, April 4, 2011

Have I Done Any Good?

Ever have those days when you wonder if you've done any good? It seems I've been having more of those kind of days than I'd care to say lately. My former traits of organization, tidiness, and creativity have been nearly extinct while trying to maintain the aspects of well-being. I'm not complaining, just wishing I could be the wonder woman I always seem to have in mind for myself, even though it is clearly a high and unrealistic expectation. Of all the goals I've accomplished successfully, my greatest is that of being a mother to three beautiful girls who bring great joy in my life. With that, they are also my challenges, heartaches, worries, comforts, and loving reminders that motherhood is the most divine calling I could ever hope to have been blessed with. So.... when I long to be that perfect being that I think exists, I have to step back and look at what a kind and loving Heavenly Father has blessed me with. And that is when I realize nothing else really matters, no nothing.
Abby:  She has such a quiet disposition but with strong determination.  She loves animals and has a special way with them no matter how big or small.  She is athletic, smart, and funny.  We enjoy watching her play basketball and softball.  She has acquired my list making trait and my occasional OCD cleaning trait.  What a joy she is to our family.
Taylor:  She speaks her mind and stands her ground.  Things are either black or white for her.  She is also determined and knows how to get what she wants.  It is entertaining to watch her dance whether its for family night or for a performance.  She has acquired some of my creativity (but more) and the need for things to be equal and fair.  She keeps us in stitches with her unique perception on life.
Whitney:  Our college girl with strong organizational skills.  Keeps her school, work, spiritual and social life balanced with her planner and lists.  She is level-headed for her age and so responsible.  At times, I feel she's more the adult than me.  She can see the silver-lining in any situation and makes the most of everything.  So grateful to have her as an example in our lives.

These girls have so much in common and are yet so diverse in many ways.  They can keep my good traits and make them better. Through their eyes, I am reminded that though the things I do on a daily basis may be small and insignificant, they are the things that matter most. Knowing I am trying to be the mother that He would have me to be helps me to forget my weaknesses and to press on in trying to do good.  Thank you girls for continuously reminding me of things that are right and good in this world!


Judy said...

Oh boy did I need to read this today!! We have had a long month or so at our house & I have forgotten to sit back and just be thankful! I am so grateful to have amazing women/mothers around me as examples!!

Whitney Schimbeck said...

Way to bring me tears mamasita! You are a sweetheart. I love you!!! The three of us wouldn't be the type of young women you described without a wonderful mother teaching us good things!! I feel that you and dad did well with "beholding your little ones." But I might be biased...:D