Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aaahhhh....Retail Therapy!

In spite of the winter weather when it is officially spring, the girls and I headed for St. George. We all felt the need to get out of town for some retail therapy. We met up with Shawn and the kids to celebrate Hannah's upcoming birthday at Iggy's, then shopped again. It is so much fun to shop for anything besides groceries. It is even better when there are great sales, incentives, BOGO deals, and freebies. We found all of the above this weekend. We are staying at the Wiscombe Bed and Breakfast Inn. (Definitely a 5-star hotel!)  We also attended the baptism of niece, Kennedi earlier and enjoyed a BBQ with the Schimbeck clan. The only thing that would make this weekend better is if there was sunshine, Sue, and Evan! The sun is still not shining, and it's quite drizzly outside, but in my little world the sun is shining for today! I love my family so much!


Shoecrazy said...

STINK!!! I hate when I am here and you are there having fun @ MY HOUSE!! ARGHHH! Glad they treated you good without me there to supervise. Me, You, Retail therapy in June in the greatest therapy place of all SAN FRANCISCO here we come!! Believe me, if it is retail therapy that you want, I can help!

Jo-Mamma said...

Oh, I know! You are THE QUEEN of retail therapy. I think you were the one who taught me the best when it comes to shopping! June-San Fran-You-Me--YESS!!