Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Little Girls

Chicka got a camera for Christmas, so the girls went to the depot to shoot some photos of themselves modeling their favorite accessories and new clothes. Cousin Sydney was staying over, so she joined in the fun. As I looked over their pictures, I was reminded once again that my "little girls" are growing up way too fast. Gone are the days of playing house, kitchen, Barbies, and dress ups. Now they can never have enough clothing, accessories, hair and beauty products, and the latest technology available. I want to stop time or even go back sometimes to relish and savor moments in time. I enjoy them so much, together as well as individually. Nothing else is equivalent to the joy of being a mother!There is never a dull moment when all three are together. Add in the mix a cousin or two and it's even better. They are slipping through my fingers, but I sure do love each season of their lives. So blessed am I!


The Phillips said...

SO Cute but would you tell those girls it's cold outside !!! Put on a coat.

Janeal said...

I’ve loved teaching ALL your GIRLS! I was so excited to see Taylor as the FIRST YW in the ward to get on-line with her personal progress! She is such a good example to the Beehives! And Abby did a SWEET job on her talk!! I loved how she shared a personal experience. Love All you GIRLS!!! I'm grateful I get to be a tiny part of their lives ;)