Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Stockings Are Hung

It's been a crazy holiday season already and not in the usual way.  It all began the weekend prior to Thanksgiving when the old furnace at Panaca Elementary caught on fire.  Fortunately, no one was there.  School was cancelled for two days for cleaning up the grimy soot which was belched out through the duct work.  What a mess!!  Everything was covered, but we had to clean it up for school to be back in session the following Monday.  Meanwhile, push came to shove with contractors, insurance, administration, and a principal who really looks out for the best interest of his students and faculty--and we were finally granted the powerful "Certification of Occupancy" for our brand new school.  The insurance company came in and completed our work, boxed up our belongings and moved each classroom, one by one, into the new building.  I came home from Thanksgiving in St. George to over 100 boxes in an empty classroom.  It was overwhelming, but what else could we do, but get to work.  We've been in our beautiful new school for a week now and things are slowly getting organized.  We feel so very lucky to have a new school.  There is still so much I need to do to get myself organized, but I am looking forward to Christmas Break when I can rest up and enjoy the simple pleasures of home, holidays, and family.  The whole cleaning up of things covered in ashes and soot has cured me of the traditional entrance for Santa.  I'm totally fine with him using the front door this year!

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