Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Monday, August 2, 2010

Schimbeck Family Reunion

Another trip to Lake Powell. Another great family reunion with the crazy Schimbeck family, minus Evan! (He used his vacation time for Softball Tourneys). Here are photos from the traditional Luau/Bingo night starting with Linda & Deon on down to the youngest sibling. Deon Schimbeck Family
Linda and Deon are always matched festively! Even though Gpa grumbles about being at the lake, he cackles a lot and is a good sport about nearly everything, especially frequent drives into town to get more ice! (Must be something about the a/c truck and leaving the lake area!) Evan Schimbeck Family
Whitney, Me, Taylor, Abby (minus Evan)! Love the muu-muu, don't hate! When you're 40-something, you can wear whatever you want to a family reunion!
Stacy Schimbeck Family
Kaleb, Stacy, Katrice, Paige
Brooke, Kolby
(Love the shells, Brooke!)

Kirby Schimbeck Family
Jacey, Kirby, Michelle, Allie, Josh, MadiBart Anderson Family aka Mindy Schimbeck Family
Bart, Bodie, Alec, Kennen (friend) Mindy, Syndney, Aryn
Derrek, Aidan

Aaron Schimbeck Family
Preston, Brandy, Aaron
Lexie, Kenna, Shawnee Gage Schimbeck Family
Kristal, Kiara, Gage
Korbin, Dallas, Trinity

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