Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Saturday, August 28, 2010

23rd Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-three years ago on a very hot summer's day, August 28, 1987, Evan and I were sealed in the St. George Temple. That time has flown by as we finished our education, had our family, transitioned with job and career changes, a few moves, in debt, out of debt, various church callings, death of loved ones, a major flood, a premature baby, and endured many challenges and celebrations along the way. It has definitely not always been easy, but through all of our life's lessons together, we have each grown individually and together. Our love seems to expand with each test of time. I am thankful we both set a goal in our youth to marry in the temple and to be selective in choosing our eternal companion. I'm grateful Evan was willing to serve a mission, for the way it helped him grow and mature in the gospel. His experiences have helped us in many ways. I'm thankful we were both raised by wonderful parents who provided the things we needed to become self-reliant adults, who taught us to serve others, to love the gospel and enjoy the blessings of eternal families.With all the busyness of school starting up this past two weeks, and one last trip to Davis, CA, we were able to get away for a night and a day to St. George. It was nice to be able to VISIT without distractions or interruptions, eat where WE like to eat, shop where WE like to shop and BROWSE as long as we wanted. Later, we met up with family at the annual Corn Fest in Enterprise for a BBQ. It was a great weekend! I hope the next 23 years are even better than the first! I love you Evan; you still make me grin!


Shoecrazy said...

23 years? Really? CONGRATS! Maybe Evan should serve another mission, you know more maturing! J/K Evan! LOVE YOU BOTH!

The Perkins Gang said...

Oh my gosh--how cute ;) You look like little kids--congrats on the anniversary! Here's to 23+ more!!

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are the cutest!!