Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun 24/7 at Lake Powell!

There's plenty to do at Lake Powell for the young, old, adventurous,and not-so-adventurous. Cliff jumping for the very brave and adventurous! Kirby watching Whit & Allie go down.

Swimming with cousins and sisters.

Looking pretty as always!

Uncle Aaron attempting to parasail!

Doing what he does best....driving his boat!

Sure glad his boat stills runs good!

Whitney browsing through pics with Korbin.

Chicka surfing!

Attempting to look as cute as our daughters; we're 'almost' pretty!

Naps are always nice!

Posing for more photos!

Grandpa Taz making faces at us since we're teasing him about getting in the water all the way up to his hips!

Styling hair!

Looking kinda cute with the new surf board!

Abby thinking and enjoying the gorgeous scenery!

Abby wakeboarding!

Whitney surfing!

Chicka wakeboarding!

Aunt Michelle taking pictures of everyone!

Abby, Jacey, Sydney & Taylor working on their tans!

Paige getting smarter with Sudoku.

Allie & Whitney enjoying the water after a couragous cliff jump!

Grandma Schimmy reading.

Uncle Bart gives us free medical advice for whatever ails us!

Taylor and Whitney in donut eating contest!

Skinny dippin' is the best. . . for the young and the old!

Uncles Kirby and Aaron planning the end of the world as we know it or something important like that!

Younger cousins chasing the balloon in a game of Balloon Roullette!

Gma Schimmy says, "Nat'l Dance Day cannot be ignored." After various dances, kids enjoyed a silly game of Ninja Attack!

Many of our camping neighbors enjoyed similiar water activities though with a lot of loud music and alcohol involved. I'm grateful this family knows how to have a good time without it; although some might think we were drinking if they observed us! Good times...good times!

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Brenda said...

These pictures are so FUN, I love it.