Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thankful for Dishwasher, Kitchen and Hubby

Have I mentioned how thankful I am to FINALLY have a dishwasher? Well, I am indeed very thankful! I can do dishes in half the time than I have the previous eight years! The counters and sinks are clear (most the time) now since it's a snap to do dishes. With our kitchen remodel, we were able to fit a dishwasher in what used to be the combined kitchen/laundry room. It is so much more functional than before, modern, and roomy.
Abby enjoys torturing us by making brownies on Sunday evenings!(Especially since dieting is one of our New Year's goals.)
I am so glad to have a handy husband who can remodel, restore, repair, and reassure me that it'll be done . . . eventually. We have both increased our patience for projects and one another through it all. I enjoy cooking and baking more now, but best of all, he still enjoys cooking gourmet meals that are unique, healthy, and delicious! And as long as he's willing to cook, then I'll continue doing the dishes and cleaning! THANKS for all you do Evan!P.S. You're looking pretty hot here seasoning the fish! LOVE YOU!!

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Erin said...

He is pretty hot!! No but seriously, :) I love, love, love your remodel. Your kitchen is awesome. GOOD WORK! Glad we got to see you while we were in town. Thanks for your help in getting me to the doctor.