Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cabin Fever or Just Silly Girls?

Why do girls like sleepovers so much? Is it the junk food? Is it the late night? The togetherness? The games? The bonds of friendship or could it just be cabin fever? Last weekend the girls each had a friend sleep over. I came home from dance class to find nearly every light on in the house, slobbery candy hearts all over the kitchen, and giggles coming from outside the front door. Evan was in charge, of course, but he was in his "man cave" watching football. I knew they were having a lot of fun, but didn't know all that they were up to until I viewed the pictures on my new camera the next day. What more do girls need than a size 44DDD black bra and a camera for entertainment?

I had to laugh as I thought back to the days when mom would take us school shopping and we'd have to stop in JCPenny's so she could try on bras. . . a dreaded task for all. However, we soon learned what fun can be had in a dressing room when you locate THE largest cup sizes with padding on the store racks and take them for a little test drive! I think mom even got the giggles and I'm pretty sure Sue wet her pants at least once. Who would have ever thought we'd be buying some of those bras one day in the future! Curses! (P.S. NO, this wasn't my bra!)

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WhitneyJo said...

Holy Chicka! Teen Skipper has nothin on you girly! What goobers!