Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Friday, January 20, 2012

The EVENT of the Year

Well, here's the first of many more photographs to come...the best of the photographer's pics. I am so grateful for the many, many talents of others who helped us make Whitney & Trent's wedding everything they hoped it to be.
Whitney & Trent were sealed one week ago, January 13, 2012, in the St. George Temple.  What a wonderful wedding it was.  Everything went so well.  Most of the photographs were actually taken a week before the wedding, on the day she went through for her own endowment.  The photographers (Shawn & Sam) had to teach Trent how to make a heart with his hands, but being the quick learner that he is, after a few tries, he perfected this heart making this shot one of the favorites.
The beautiful winter white gown was designed by Whitney and sewn by Gma Schimmy.  It was so simply elegant and petite, fitting Whitney perfectly from top to bottom.  The satin lacing in the back gave it an old-fashioned look.  Not a prettier dress could be found anywhere!  What an honor to have such a beautiful creation to wear on one of the most important days of your life!  She looked like a princess bride in it!
I call this photo the "here's the deal" ... as I imagine Whitney is telling him how things are going to be...among many more sweet words of the day.  I like the agreeable look on Trent's handsome face, too!

Very creative using Whitney's shoes (more like princess slippers) and their wedding rings.  Love it!  Whitney had Trent's band engraved with p.s. i love you on the inside.

I adore this one.  Trent kissing her freezing cold cheek.  They look so totally and completely in love here.  They were so cold and were more than happy to huddle up in this window sill and cuddle closer!

You can see the multiple layers of tulle and netting that make her gown poof out like a princess dress.  It was so pretty, adorned with an antique brouch from Aunt Sue's vintage estate collections!  They are a good-looking couple!

I couldn't get this picture to turn, but so amazing with the temple as the background, Trent so gracefully dipping her and Whitney trusting that he won't let her slip!  It was comical to watch their attempts in perfecting this shot in the cold air with the wind kicking up more swiftly by the second and the flexible photographer lying on the cold cement sidewalk to get the perfect shot! Turned out lovely!


Judy said...

Absolutely Beautiful!! I can't believe her dress was hand made!!!!! It was Gorgeous!!

Shoecrazy Sue said...

So beautiful! Everything was so perfect for her day! I want the top picture FYI!