Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Mighty Hunter

One tank of gas; one early morning. One bag of snacks; one cooler full of Pepsi. One excited girl; one single shot. One proud daddy; one awesome daddy-daughter date. Another great memory = Priceless!
Chicka's deer shot in Area 22.  Evan and Taylor left at 4 am and were calling us by 8 o'clock to join them for breakfast to tell their deer story.  She doesn't waste any time! 
Evan was shaking with excitement.  Made it difficult to hold the camera still!
This is my favorite picture.  Evan told Chicka to atleast "try" to drag the deer to the truck.  Can't you just hear her giggling through the whines of difficulty?!
Grinning ear to ear.  (I'm sure Evan was too!)  She told her sisters she was glad her hair was still curled from the previous night's dance performance so she looked good for this photo!  Gpa & Gma Schimmy had stayed the night after watching the football game and dancers perform, so we all enjoyed visiting and hearing of their hunting adventure over breakfast at the Brandin' Iron.We're going to have some good meat for this winter!

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Judy said...

That is the cutest hunter I've ever seen!!! I do love the picture of her dragging it!! I was giggling just looking at it!!