Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dance Dynamics

This past weekend was Taylor's dance recital; it was amazing! She has taken dance classes all year with Aunt Mindy and performed on the Dance Team. We are so proud of her dedication to homework, keeping up with her responsibilities, and doing something she loves. We are grateful to have Aunt Mindy's talents here in Lincoln County as are about 90 other dancers! It was one of the finest entertainments in the county.
Cousin Sydney makes dance classes so much fun!
Taylor has been so committed to dance and has worked hard to improve her skills and flexibility. She looks so graceful and calm dancing in front of an audience.

Disturbia:  One of my favorite numbers of the evening.


Shoecrazy Sue said...

Chicka! Look at you!! Who knew? I wish I could have seen the show. Perhaps when your mom and I do our karaoke show in St. G, you could be a back up dancer for us? (take your gum out though!)

Anonymous said...

Yes Tay Tay you look beautiful! Sorry I couldn't make it to your 2nd recital. Maybe those falls off the camper bed when you were just 6 mo old inspired you to be a "mover", now look at you, how co-ordinated you are--landing on your feet every time!