Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monster Wife/Monster Mamma

Sometimes I have moments when the monster inside me cannot be tamed. This afternoon was such a moment. Evan has been gone the past three days on another "special assignment" for his job, therefore, I have had to do more than the usual which always assures me that I am not cut out to be a single parent. Feeling relieved that I did't have to make another trip back to Panaca to pick up Tay from play or dance practice, I rushed home from school to get money deposited for Whit's tuition before bank closed, then onto hanging up posters for my boss for upcoming school play, phone call saying we are out of dog food and grab some buns for dinner and some chips for Tay's opening social. Back to Jerry's to get Abby's treat for YW's. I remind girls and Evan that their chores, basement and bathroom must be cleaned PRIOR to YW/YM's since activity is at our house. Grumbling...murmuring...etc. from them. I come home to see good things are happening. Yay!

I go upstairs to make our bed and ask Evan to come pick up his crap on his side of the room to which he replies, "What crap?" He knows exactly 'what crap' because it's the same old crap we've discussed for 23 years now; he just likes to get me going. I am thinking to myself trying not to overreact, trying to remain calm. However, after tripping over his size 12 shoes and boots throughout the house, his cop crap, styrofoam cups,wrappers, receipts, dirty clothes, belts, and remotes alongside the bed, I can no longer hold it inside! I begin to explode!! The monster is coming unleashed!!

I say: "Really?!?" "How old are you?" "How can I expect the kids to pick up after themselves if you don't do it?" "I have had enough of your being a slob!" "I want a separate bedroom if you can't clean up your crap." I leave the room before I kill him and finish up last minute things before dinner and YW's. I notice Abby upstairs scrubbing her toilet. I see Taylor in the kitchen doing dishes, cleaning off counters, and everything put away from dinner. I am shocked! They both have the look of fear in them. I think to myself....Hmmmm? Hmmm! Maybe this little monster inside me needed to come out. (Not what I like to do, but it did get results and then some.) I am always a little stressed once school starts because I no longer have the extra time to keep up with the house, laundry and all that being a wife and mother entails, so this back-to-school adjustment typically requires a few heated discussions over chores, privileges, consequences, communication, scheduling and whatever else it takes to keep our family and household running smoothly.

Whoever reads this blog post is probably going to think of me as an evil, wicked person, who should just get off my whiny butt, but this little venting outlet just may have saved someone from serious injury tonight. Buahahaha! I'm taking me and my little monster to bed now. Good-night!


Judy said...

LoL!!! I don't think bad of you at all I actually thought WOW someone else does that too!!! I think as moms we just have so much on our plate & if 1 thing doesn't get done WE have to pay the price (heaven forbid someone else take responsibility for them not doing something - it must be moms fault)!! It's ok to vent every now and then (or more if it gets stuff done :) I mean we cant be perfect ALL the time!! ;0)

The Perkins Gang said...

I love your evil little laugh--I love your monster, too--wish mine was that cute, and wish mine didn't come out as often as it does, so just know you are not alone--mine comes out so much that there is really no more fear from my children to motivate them to, good for you that it got something done!! ;)

Shoecrazy said...

I am laughing while I read this!(thought i am sure at the intense moment it was not funny!) I can imagine this all going down! We have all been there haven't we? Send that Monster MAMA down this way, we are all feeling the pains of busier schedules with school back in!

Anonymous said...

I'm certain that quietly in the back ground they could all hear the words of "We Are All Enlisted" being sung!!
I thought that for certain you were going to say that after seeing all that the girls had accomplished you returned to find that Evan had ever so kindly moved all of your things to your own room!!
Your Favorite Brother-in-Law!!

Schimmy said...

Since I am a working mama too, I totally feel your pain. The cop stuff at our house freely flows throughout too. Glad someone else has to let out the monster every once in a while.