Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abby Graduates from 6th Grade

Abby receiving her Elementary School Diploma from her teacher, Sharon Dirks. Mrs. Dirks made sure to embarrass each student by telling about their strengths, growth, and funny stories from the school year. Abby has been recognized for her "tolerance" more than once. It is no surprise to us; she tolerated lots of pain, torture, and procedures during her early months of life as a preemie. This skill has remained with her. If placed in the classroom next to a loud and obnoxious student, she ignores them completely. If she is hurt on the outside or inside, it's not always obvious because she tolerates pain better than most adults! We are so proud of her many talents, her good grades, and the amazing daughter that she is! We love you Abby! Parent, teacher, and class picnic. Sitting under the trees with her BFF, Chesnee, Jana, and Josie. Easton, Chesnee, and Abby keeping an eye on the boysThis particular boy always seems to be near when Abby is around. Paul (Polly-wog) is a nice boy who is very charming. He has given her a Valentines gift since 3rd grade and is always very polite to Abby!

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Judy said...

So cute!! Love how you put the last sentance -- very "polite" So sweet!!! Colby already misses school!! ;) Maybe I'll have to give him some summer math papers! LOL!!!