Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Bliss List

There are so many simple pleasures that bring me happiness, and yet I often forget to notice or enjoy the brief, sometimes instantaneous, joy they can bring on a cloudy day. I once had my 5th grade students write as many "natural highs" as they could think of, but I like the idea of a bliss list! Thanks for the great idea, Janna. Though I'm not as poetic as my niece, these are a few things that make me smile, make me sigh, or make me laugh. They bring me bliss...sweet, magical bliss!
The scent of fresh cut grass.
Soft, puppy kisses.
Cool, crisp sheets off the clothesline.
Sleeping babies, puppies, kittens.
Clean laundry.
Crickets chirping outside the tent.
Lemon zest.
Tropical scented sunscreen.
Movies about real life.
Fresh fruit or vegetables from garden.
The first bite of a crisp dill pickle.
Down comforters.
Airplanes flying overhead.
Chocolate milk.
Someone brushing my hair.
Giggling girls.
Well-worn in jeans.
Pleasant surprises.
Coke with ice.
Sand, water, waves.
Fabric stores.
Unexpected personal mail.
Sunday naps.
Saturday morning snuggles/chats with daughters.
Painted toenails.
Bubble baths.
Baby Lotion.
Breakfast for dinner.

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Judy said...

such a great idea!! It made me stop and think of what makes ME smile or happy, not my kids or husband - but me!! I'm going to have to make one!! Thanks!!