Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today I was demonstrating a circle map for my students by showing them how to write down ideas for writing later on. They already knew quite a bit about me (since we've been together for nearly 100 days of school)! I did tell them something they didn't already know. I like to blog. I agree that "blog" is a funny word, but I enjoy blogging about my family, my life, and happy events and celebrations. I showed them my blogspot and said I'd post something just for them. So here it is!

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss' birthday. Even though he has passed on, his books are still loved by teachers and students all over the world. I remember feeling so smart the first time I read one of his books all the way through all by myself! I was so amazed and my parents were so excited. That's when my addiction to books and reading began. . . back in the 1st/2nd grades at Ephraim Elementary School! I learned that I could entertain myself and my younger sister for quite awhile by reading a stack of books. Most of them were by Dr. Seuss because I could read them without any help at all! They are funny, full of rhyme, and teach wonderful little life lessons! It's hard to choose a favorite one, but I'd have to say that "Sneetches" is it! Go celebrate reading by sitting down with someone special and reading them your favorite Dr. Seuss book!


The Perkins Gang said...

Mrs. Schimbeck--just wanted to leave a note from one of your second graders to let you know he came right home and begged to check out your blog!!

Jo-Mamma said...

Trevin is a smarty! Nothing slips by him; I love watching his wheels turn each day thinking. He loves haring all his wonderful ideas and knowledge with us! He proudly whispered what he learned from my blog today!