Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mother of the Bride Survival Tips

I can hardly believe in less than 48 hours my daughter will be a married woman. I am so completely happy and excited for her and Trent, I could burst! I have also felt so very sentimental, emotional, and stressed, that I have already burst a time or two...or three or four. (Idk...I lost count). I had no idea such emotions could utterly disrupt my life, but they sure did this last week!

I can laugh and smile about it now, but if you had seen me a week ago, you may have wondered if I needed to go visit a psych unit somewhere! Well, let me tell you....I am so glad to be past that phase. And just in case you're wondering how exactly that happened, I'll tell you. Ibuprofen, sleep, Immodium AD, Coca-Cola, lavendar eye pillow, lavendar pillow mist, Vitamin B12, extra Lexapro, chocolate, music, texting from my sister, phone calls from friends and co-workers, a call from a long-time friend who helped raise me like a second father, and. . .

Finally. . . the number one person who helped me pull myself together was. . . the man upstairs!! Yep, that's right, my Father in Heaven  or should I say my Fathers in Heaven! On my knees, praying, pleading, crying for solace. Waiting, thinking, planning, praying, waiting, thinking, praying.
Finally, on the way to St. George, prior to going to the temple with Whitney for the first time, the calmest feeling of peace and happiness came to me. Wow...there are no adequate words to explain what a blessing answered prayers can be!  I am so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows me, loves me, and is ALWAYS there for me no matter the challenge, ailment, or occasion. Thank heavens! Ahhhhh! Stay posts to come later!

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Judy said...

I think I may need to borrow a few of your tips because I seriously just bawled reading your post!!! LoL!!!! Congrats to your wonderful family!!