Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Future Elementary Teacher

This is Whitney--about 13 years ago--in 2nd grade. We are so proud of her accomplishments at Dixie State College. She is in her first year of the education program and spends each Wednesday in a 2nd grade classroom as part of her practicum experience. I love hearing her stories from the fresh perspective of a new teacher. It's enlightening and reminds me of why I chose this profession for myself. She phoned with good news today. She's been asked to be a note taker for a student in the program who has cerebral palsy. Basically, she'll get paid by the school for taking notes in class which will benefit her classmate as well as herself. What a blessing and opportunity! I've seen her notes; they are beautifully organized, descriptive, and useful. Whitney is such a joy! She is responsible, wise with her money, disciplined with her studies, spiritually balanced, and happy. I am so thankful to have her for a daughter. It seems like yesterday she was in 2nd grade losing her first tooth, and yet she's a mature adult now. We love the weekends when she is home; we all feel complete when we're together as a family!

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Judy said...

YaY! for Whitney -- when you describe her it sounds just like her mommy!!! What a great blessing to be asked to do that & get paid!!