Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taylor the Teenager

Taylor turned 13 on Sunday, November 23rd. She is officially a "teenager" (although she's acted like one for some time now.) We love to hear her tell stories about middle school. She is playing basketball again, dancing, and such a social bug. Poor thing...she's the "only one" in middle school without a cell phone. Ahhhh! You brighten our lives and entertain us with your stories and laughter! We love you Tay, Tay, Chicka-Pay!

She was a welcome addition to our home after 5 years of trying! Whitney has been a sweet big sister ever since that special Thanksgiving Day. Taylor was born at 11:45 am without interruption to any football games or dinner (just for you, Evan)... except Grandma Ruthie says that's the only time she ever burned her delicious yams because she couldn't stop holding that baby!

Always a cheezer!! You are so beautiful! The best turkey ever!!

1 comment:

Plain Jame said...

You're so old.

KIDDING! You guys aren't that old. You just have one more teenager, that you must have conceived while you were a teenager yourself. Right?

She is gorgeous.