Lady Lynx Softball

Lady Lynx Softball
Kanab, Utah

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Things I Like/Hate About Being 40ish...

1. All my kids are potty-trained and reading well (at the same time sometimes)!
2. My kids can fend for themselves on occasion.
3. I can usually take a nap without interruption.
4. I can embarrass my kids without even trying to.
5. I can say "NO" without guilt and not care what others think of me.
6. I'm okay with Evan cooking meals and decorating the house better than me.
7. I am comfortable with myself whether I'm dressed up or not.
8. I can indulge in things for myself occasionally.
9. I am more patient and flexible.
10. I prioritize my life better than ever!

1. The "battle of the bulge" is more difficult.
2. I hate waxing.
3. I can no longer wear any old pair of shoes without suffering.
4. I can no longer eat anything I want to (without immediate results).
5. I have to act my age and be responsible.
6. I have gray hair popping up everywhere.
7. I have to dress my age or close to it.
8. I say things I never thought I would say. . . "Because I said so!"
9. I have to draw the rest of my eyebrows on.
10. I'm too weak and fat to slolem ski!


Jamie said...

Thanks for showing me that I am already displaying all the negatives about being 40-something at 30.


So those Schimbeck boys inherited their moms' domestication skills didn't they?

Just saying.

I like, no LOVE, your blog. I love that all the Schimbecks blog. I'm trying to get Jen and Cara to get theirs hopping. They claim to be too busy or some other LAME excuse. AS if the rest of us just sit around all day. Well, ok maybe I do but oh well...

Shoecrazy said...


Schimmy said...

You make getting older almost sound fun until I read your I hate list. thanks a lot!

Schimbeck's said...

Holy Crap Jo! You were supposed to take this picture off of me and you a long time ago. I am so ugly and it really is going to make people not want to be 40! At least when I look at that picture I try to think of the fun we were having when we took that picture instead of-- oh my gosh get some make-up on woman! You on the other hand look almost pretty!